Less Is More

Lately I’ve been finding the beauty of “less”. Do you ever feel not only cluttered in a sense of “things” but also “thoughts”? For me, taking a step back and reducing my clutter also reduces my cluttered mind and it can let me breathe. It is so therapeutic just having less. We constantly fill our days with lots of tasks, events, life chores and sometimes we need to just concentrate on the small things in life.

Some Ideas

Simple pleasures – read a book instead of looking at your phone of clutter…


Tea in a teacup instead of a mug – sometimes the little things are better. Who said we can’t be posh every time we drink our hot drink?


Less clutter – have a sort out and feel cleansed in the mind and less claustrophobic at home.


Buying less – not only will you save money, but it can feel energising not to accumulate too many things. Go on a shopping ban and enjoy it!


Focusing more on what matters – enjoy the little moments like a walk or that first sip of tea.


Less plastic – reduce what you put in your bin and save the planet.


Less packaging – not only are you making more space in your home, you don’t have to take out the bin or recycling as much.


Less plans – sometimes planning nothing is so rewarding and it helps the mind to catch up.


Less technology – learn something new like sewing, maybe do some baking?


Zero waste – why not visit a zero waste food store or try reading this amazing book More Plants Less Waste.

What are your ideas for “less”?


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