More Budgeting Hacks

Budgeting is something I get a lot of joy from… weird I know! However, it can be so satisfying to stretch your money further than you thought it would go. I wrote a blog post not long ago on this topic and you can read my other budgeting related hacks on my blog Budgeting Hacks. I wanted to write another budgeting blog as I have so many more ideas. It would feel rude not to share them with you! I hope you find this useful!

Budgeting Ideas…

  • Shop the “Bare Necessities”. Only buy the very essential things and question every other purchase. It is quite eye opening!
  • Prioritise what is on your shopping list. If you can’t afford to buy everything on your list, put it in order of priority. Maybe buy a replacement for those old tatty pyjamas as opposed to a new top to wear to an event next month.
  • Distinguish between “need” and “want”. Buy the things you actually need first and question the wants.
  • Save money on small things so you can still have enough money for the bigger purchases (such as haircuts, insurance, and membership costs).
  • Walk more – save money on public transport.
  • Eat what you have already in the cupboards at home. It can be tempting to buy unnecessary food that you don’t actually need. Raid that freezer!
  • Shop your own beauty. Go on a treasure hunt and choose some exciting items to try.
  • Do swap shops with your friends. Find free samples that aren’t right for your skin type and gift those to friends. Swap good quality clothes with them that you no longer require.
  • Learn to sew, shop in charity shops and vintage stores, don’t buy any new clothes for 1 month – challenge yourself.
  • Find offers of meals out online – timeout is a great website for this.
  • Make your own “takeaway” coffee in a reusable coffee cup. Make it at home and take it on the daily commute to work, instead of buying it mid journey. Buy some cool flavoured milks like hazelnut or oat, to jazz up your drinks at a fraction of the cost of a takeaway version.
  • Make your own snacks and bulk cook meals.

Do you have any other budgeting ideas?


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