What I Eat In A Day 7

It has been a while since I posted a “What I Eat In A Day” and I asked on Instagram if you would like to see one… the answer was yes! So here you are! My diet is very much vegetarian / vegan mainly, but I do eat meat and fish…. I just don’t really eat it often. It is more that I just love the variation, flavour and interest that vegan and veggie food brings… it is so exciting! I hope you enjoy reading what I ate on this day!



Today I had Waitrose Whole-wheat Biscuits as my cereal with semi-skimmed milk and some strawberries. I always drink lots of water so assume all meals have this with! I never understand when people say they forget to drink water!

Morning Snack

I had Pilates so one flapjack from the batch of I made at the weekend was the perfect treat afterwards! The recipe was a Lorraine Pascale one from her Baking Made Easy book and it was delish! I also had lots of water!


For lunch, I made a mozzarella, cherry tomato and spinach wrap with butter, salt and pepper. We normally have wholemeal wraps but this one was a white one this week as they had run out of stock, so we had to switch it. So yummy! I also put Vegenaise in it.

Afternoon Pick Me Up

In the afternoon I had a tea and one Lidl chocolate hazelnut filled biscuit. Lidl do the best biscuits and I would definitely recommend them!


I made a vegan Indonesian Satay from The Happy Pear: Recipes for Happiness cookbook. This is such a great vegan cookbook for those interested. The recipe was so yummy and one to make again as a must!


For dessert I just fancied a few cheese and biscuits, so we had a little in the evening. This was the perfect way to end a delicious day of food!

What do you think of what I ate on this day?



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