The Pig At Combe

I found some photos of my summer visit to The Pig At Combe and I thought it would be a shame if I did not share them with you! Better late than never! In the summer, we had a little road trip with friends, and it was so lovely to stumble across The Pig. This gorgeous hotel made the ideal hangout for lunch as it was the most relaxing atmosphere. If you like great food and English Countryside, then read on…

Situated in Combe, The Pig At Combe is set in a tranquil setting, with farming on site and aches of land to view out upon. The restaurant menu sources ingredients within a 25-mile radius. The site includes 3 walled kitchen gardens, a restaurant, a relaxing bar area with cosy seats and gorgeous outdoor gardens… It is really the most heavenly setting.

The Food is also stunning. If you have been to any of “The Pig” branches across the UK, you will know that the quality is second to none. The freshness and flavour in each dish is just divine. I had a gnocchi dish with beetroot, truffle, spinach and mushrooms. It was so delicious! I also tasted some of a potato and egg salad for starter which was incredible! I also had a petit four dessert which I failed to capture any photos of… but it was so good!

For pre-lunch relaxing, I had a pineapple juice whilst chilling in the bar area. The cosy seats and “serve yourself cake on the side to pay later” was just a lovely touch too. We didn’t get any cake as we were saving ourselves for lunch, but I can only imagine how yummy it was.

Have you been to any of The Pig venues?


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