November 2019 Goals…

It is time for my monthly goals recap and time to set some new ambitions. October was still fairly busy with my sister’s wedding and Owen’s birthday. I tried to get some “me time” on my days off which was nice, but I feel in November I need to do better at making more time off, as things weren’t always possible to have a rest. I like routine and I feel my October was slightly disjointed. I’m looking forward to the festive time of year, but I also want to be careful that the next few months are filled with some self-care and relaxation.



Be Kinder To Myself And Accept Help

I have accepted help from others such as letting my boyfriend make the lunch some days, to make myself less stressed. When we went to Greece for my sister’s wedding my boyfriend was brilliant at finding the best solutions for my anxiety at the airport and this really helped too. I still need to try and not be so hard on myself and accept that anxiety is not who I am, it is just a part of my life and I can do things to ease the anxiety if I let others in more.


Have More Time To Be At Home

I feel like I’ve struggled a little with spending some slow days at home this month, mainly because of having weeks disjointed because of travel plans or extra teaching catch up days. I want to try and get some more of my “me time” back in November.


Light Some Candles And Do More Baking

I have started to light more candles and enjoy a sense of calm whilst the afternoons have been getting darker. This is soothing whilst getting some work done. I haven’t done a lot of baking, but I enjoyed making my boyfriend a birthday cake, which turned out really well. It was probably the best cake I’ve made. I used the Carrot Cake recipe from Lorraine Pascale’s Baking Made Easy book. I love that cooking book so much and the Chocolate Fondant recipe in there is my go-to dinner party favourite!




Build In More Relaxation Time

As my work is not “set hours” of working, I find it hard to focus on time off and often use evenings and weekends to get extra bits of work done. Sometimes the lines are blurred between work and personal errands and so I want to try and be stricter with myself when I build in some free time into my day. If I want to watch a little TV or apply a face mask, I need to make more time for it.


Plan The Festive Blogging Season

I’ve been getting a little stressed about Christmas content on my blog recently. It’s bittersweet because my favourite time for blogging is Christmas, but it is also my most tiring season. I want to try and be more realistic with what I can achieve and get as much done in November as possible, so I am not so last-minute during December. Do let me know what you would like me to blog about and what you would find useful during this festive period!


What are your Goals this month?


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