Self-Care Moments… Ideas For Self-Care

When I am anxious and stressed, there are activities I like to do to help. These help soothe the mind and also create some calm. It is so important to build into your day moments of calm, even if anxiety does not affect you. These moments are essential to heal the mind and soul. I thought I would share with you today some things I like to do to help, when I need a little self-care.

Reading A Book

I love to make time before bed to read, whether that being a story book, a magazine, self-care books or learning something new. My overall preference however is a story, as this captures the mind into another world. I love the escape of a book and I also prefer reading an actual paper book – you just can’t beat it. I am quite a slow reader but this just means that stories last me longer which is a great thing. Let me know your favourite books in the comments below.


Listening To Music

I love to listen to music as this calms me. Because I am musical, I appreciate the complex harmonies and instrumental parts of songs and I just love listening to the music as a whole, not just the lyrics. Music is so powerful at either changing your mood or reflecting your mood, so choose your genre and type of music depending on what you need from it at that particular moment.


Watching TV

I find watching TV so soothing and uncluttered, as I can just switch off and let my mind daydream if I like. As an introvert, these moments of being quiet really ground me and so I find it quite relaxing.


At Home Spa Pamper

When I have the time, I love a little pamper session. Whether that be using a facemask, trying out some new beauty products or taking a peaceful soak in the bath. There can be much said for some self-care in a sense of feeling more presentable and nourished.


Cooking Something New

I love baking and experimenting with new meal ideas. Vegan and vegetarian recipes really excite me in their array of flavours and inventiveness. I just love creating something and enjoying the food with other people.


Having Some Time Alone

Sometimes we just need some space and having those moments alone can be so important to our wellbeing. If I am around people constantly, I feel frazzled and I don’t get a moment to think. Building in little moments away from other people isn’t a weakness, it is essential.


Cleaning And Decluttering

When I am need of some clarity or focus, cleaning and decluttering helps me to feel a sense of organisation in my mind. It can be so rewarding making your environment fresher and more peaceful.

What are your tips for self-care?


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