Blogmas 21… Festive Podcast Favourites

Podcasts are so easy to pop on in the background. I love to listen to podcasts when I am cleaning, cooking, or even taking blog photos. What I have really enjoyed lately are a few festive episodes to recommend. I have picked out just 3 episodes to feature here today, but feel free to add any others in the comments below. So, let’s get started!


Deliciously Ella | Setting Boundaries & Our Christmas Reading List

You can’t get more wellness than Delicious Ella. The whole healthy food brand is just so inspiring to me. I love Ella’s podcasts and this one is a special edition, featuring herself and joint business owner Matt being interviewed. It is so interesting learning more about the way they run their business, with a focus on mental health and wellness. At the end, there are some really useful book recommendations for achieving self-care.


Talking Tastebuds | LIVE PANEL: Sustainable Life Swaps for a big impact : Fleur De Force, Rachel Ama, Justine Jenkins

I do love Talking Tastebuds and I would go as far to say that it is my FAVOURITE podcast series. Venetia La Manna, the host, is so engaging. She always has amazing guests on the show. I once saw a LIVE podcast and it was so interesting to be part of the audience. In this episode, the focus is on sustainability in general and over the festive season. Venetia also gives some great advice at the end of the episode on how to reduce waste and a negative impact on the planet this Christmas. The guests are also all so inspiring.


Practical Positivity by Sophie Cliff | Episode 52: How To Avoid Comparison This Christmas

Sophie talks about her tips on how to avoid comparison this Christmas. Once you get over the long introduction and the poor sound quality, it is such a great podcast to listen to! She gives some really useful advice and I really enjoyed listening to this episode. It put a lot of things into perspective and gave me some ideas to combat negative thoughts during the festive season.


What are your favourite podcasts you have listened to lately?

A Note from me…


This year for Blogmas, my motivation is to raise awareness of the incredible charity MIND.


This marvellous charity does so much to support people suffering from mental health. With ongoing pressures from social media and a million other stresses these days, it is more important than ever to look after our health. As an anxiety sufferer myself, charities like these make such a difference to supporting people that need a voice to listen to and supply tools to help them through difficult circumstances. You can take a look at their website to see the amazing things they do and to take a look at the resources available online to help those needing extra help this Christmas. The winter season can be very difficult with people suffering from anxiety and depression. I would absolutely love it if you could donate something (however small) to this charity as a thank you to me for posting Christmas blogs this Blogmas. I really hope we can raise money and awareness for this stunning cause.

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