January 2020 Favourites

Starting a new year is always a mixture of excitement and scary to me. I normally find the quiet of January quite therapeutic after a busy December. However, this month saw some changes in my violin teaching timetable that meant time was something that was scarce this month. I’ve found it hard for both my anxiety and my self-care and so that’s why I want to try and reflect on the happy things that perked me up during January. Here’s what I have been loving lately in the first month of 2020.



Planet Organic Hazelnut Butter Cup Raw Chocolate

I’ve tried a few nut butter cups, but this is the best in my opinion! I love the generous ratio of nut butter filling to chocolate and the flavour is just so rich and creamy. You need to try this! I really want to try the other flavours now…

Bird & Blend Tea

I purchased some Bird & Blend teas before Christmas, and I have been enjoying savouring them in January. Having a moment of luxury in the day is so lovely and their teas are just so inventive. My favourite was the Gingerbread Chai.

Good Food Cookbook | Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes

Me and my boyfriend got this cookbook for Christmas and I’ve been loving looking through all the recipes. I couldn’t believe how many recipes there are, and they look inventive yet approachable. I will definitely plan to make some of these very soon!



Lighting Candles

For some moments of calm and tranquillity, I have found lighting a candle can completely change your space. It instantly makes me focus and relax. I have been either lighting a candle in the evening to symbolise the end of the day, or lighting one when the dark afternoons settle in, to give me some moral support.

Dettol Biodegradable Antibacterial Wipes

I recently discovered these biodegradable wipes and they are so good! For general cleanliness and making things easier to clean, these are so good. I try not to use these too much and limit them to uses where more sustainable options could not be used instead. However, sometimes we need to be practical and make our lives easier, when life goes at 1 million miles per hour.

Lucy Diamond | The House Of New Beginnings

I started this book towards the end of December and have been loving reading it since. It focuses on the lives of lots of different characters living in the same building, and it is so lovely how their lives intertwine and come together. It is an uplifting read. I have really been enjoying reading more before bed, to help me unwind and get into a better sleep routine.

What are your January Favourites?


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