February 2020 Goals

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I set myself monthly goals. As I did a general 2020 Goals blog post in January, I didn’t write a monthly goals post then. However, I want to get back into writing them as I feel these types of posts are so rewarding for both me and you as a reader. I said generally in 2020 that the focus was to be on anxiety, self-care, violin playing, my blog, and sustainability. So, I’m going to set some goals with these topics in mind and then we can catch up in March to see what went on…

February Goals…


Get A Better Violin Practice Routine

With so much going on with teaching the violin, I want to make sure I still have time to play it myself. I want to try and aim for a better routine with practice, so I can learn more myself and enjoy playing pieces with more depth.

Play Some Piano

Perhaps on weekends I can devote a little time to piano, even if it is only 30 minutes. I really miss playing piano. I’m not that good compared to the violin, but I want to at least play a bit again. Normally the washing rack is in front of the piano, but it is going to have to move for these piano sessions!

Go To A Sustainable Shop

There is a new sustainable shop that has opened near me and I haven’t visited it yet! I want to go there and pick up some things I would have normally purchased with packaging on.

Achieve 3 Anxiety Goals

I have been trying to tackle my anxiety through exposure therapy and whilst it is not something I always feel comfortable with, I want to at least achieve 3 goals properly this month. That means not just doing them for one week and then chickening out again for the future.

What do you think of these goals? Have you got any goals of your own?


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