The Vegan Kind Supermarket Easter Box

Easter is fast approaching and there are so many cool chocolate goodies in the shops at the moment. During Easter, vegan chocolate is at its premium and it makes it the perfect time to swap your regular dairy version in an aid to save the planet. You might just like the taste of plant-based eating like me too. Sometimes, I find vegan chocolate can be creamier, more inventive and leave you craving more…. well all chocolate generally does ha-ha. I decided to buy the Easter Box from The Vegan Kind Supermarket. This blog post is not an advert (I wish it was) but I wanted to chat about what was in the box and why it might make the perfect Easter treat for someone special. I have already bought a box for my boyfriend (as well as myself) and he has told me he won’t read this blog, so we are all fine to chat about the box itself! Let’s get started and take a look inside the box….

Whitakers Salted Caramel Creams

This caught my eye first as they look such a treat! Each dark chocolate has a fondant centre that is flavoured with sea salt and caramel…. Mmmm.

Vivani White Nougat Crisp

Nougat is something that should not be eaten every day and so Easter is the perfect time to treat yourself! The combination of white chocolate and hazelnut brittle sounds divine! I have tried this before, and it is delicious!

Considerate Cream Egg

A vegan cream egg bar! Finally, we don’t have to worry about foil that doesn’t cover the chocolate egg properly! This is a great idea and I can’t wait to try it!

NOMO Creamy Choc Bar

This chocolate is lovely, and I have tasted it before. I don’t know how they get it so creamy, but the rich cocoa butter helps I am sure!

Mini Moos Organic Caramel Choccy Bar

Perfect for a smaller treat, this sounds really yummy with the topping of delicious caramel to the chocolate bar. Plus, it is really cute!

Rhythm 108 Swiss Chocolate Truffle Eggs

I can confirm these are delicious as I have had these before. They are just so silky and creamy. The perfect mini egg to nibble on.

ichoc Choco Cookie Chocolate

This creamy cookie style chocolate looks rather good! There is rice milk in the chocolate bar and so this I presume will add to the delicious taste and texture of the bar. I’m excited to try this.

Did any of the items in this box catch your eye? Will you be treating yourself to this box or some other form of vegan chocolate this Easter? Or will you be buying a little vegan chocolate for someone special?



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