Good Habits I Have Adopted During Lockdown

It is safe to say this this period in our lives is something we have never experienced before… Lockdown is something I never thought I would have to go through, and it is something that is really unsettling for a lot of people at the moment. It is a good thing however, to protect the vulnerable and we should all be doing our bit. I think it is so important to come together at a time like this. I can only assume that some of my readers may have anxiety, as I chat about that frequently on this blog. Therefore, I have tried to gear this blog post on good habits I have adopted during lockdown. I asked for any blog ideas over on Instagram and this was a great suggestion to write about. So here it goes…

Try To Reply To Messages In The Day

It is great to keep in touch with people, but if you have anxiety, chatting late at night about anxiety triggers such as Coronavirus can really unsettle you. That’s why I prefer to reply to messages (unless they are emergency ones) in the morning. Then, if I get a reply during the day I can write back then. I find the evenings a time where self-care and distance away from the news is essential.


Limit Checking The News To Once A Day

Try to only check the News once a day, or have other people check regularly for you and tell you a brief summary daily. I find this really helps. My boyfriend kindly tells me the important points. Otherwise, it can lead to catastrophising when reading news articles.


Build In A Routine

I try to practice the violin in the morning and then attend to blog admin such as Instagram and Twitter. I also set times, twice daily to check my emails. This really helps to build in some kind of routine. At the moment, my work is up in the air, so I have to go with the flow. I have also learnt that I need to change my routine so me and my boyfriend can access the right rooms at the right times. For example, if he has a meeting, I need to make sure I am in a different room, and that might not be where my laptop or violin is.


Watch Something Nice In The Evening

I am loving eating dinner slightly earlier at the moment, and that means we can usually get time to watch something short on TV in the evening. This down time is so important and an escape from the reality of anxieties.



I have been working my way through a Mindfulness Book and this includes an 8 week programme. I have really found this useful and it was perfect timing as I started this before the Coronavirus really kicked off in the UK.


Check Up On People

Even if it is just a small text, make sure your loved ones are doing OK. This has really helped people come together and has really shown how thoughtful people can be during this period. If you know a friend or family member who is vulnerable, alone or had their income taken away overnight, why not help them?



Getting a good night’s sleep is so important at the moment. Make sure you are setting a good bedtime routine. I write in my mindfulness journal and then read before bed. It really helps me get a better sleep.


What are your good habits for this lockdown period?


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