Activities To Do During Lockdown

As we are now spending more time inside, I thought I could give you some ideas as to what to do with your free time. Like many of you, I will be working from home, so this is not a holiday. However, we all have more time at home, rather than popping out for various activities. So, here are the things I have in mind doing in my down time. I am actually excited to be forced to stay inside in some ways as I am a person that could never be bored. I can always think of something to do. It is also the perfect time to rekindle an old hobby or start something you had been meaning on doing for ages.

Ideas For Lockdown Activities

Jigsaw puzzle

TV programmes

Film night with popcorn

Plan a date night where you dress up and have a posh meal inside


Playing a musical instrument

Phone a family member or friend

Plan a video chat with a family member or friend

Plan a video group drinks or games night

Declutter your home

Clean those things you had been putting off like the sofa

Bake something tasty

Trial out some new makeup looks using existing makeup

Make your own cleaning products or DIY

Learn a new skill online or get someone in your household to teach you

Do some crafts

Do some exercise such as a HIT workout or online Pilates lesson


Read a magazine

Reorganise your kitchen

Change your home layout around to work better for you

Make some motivating Spotify playlists

Listen to some podcasts


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