Working From Home Together Tips

At the moment many of us are working from home when we are not normally used to doing so. For me, I have worked a little from home before and the same for my partner. However, we have never worked at the same time at home for this length of time. We are lucky that we get on so well and are both accommodating to each other’s working days. That said, I thought I would share with you some tips I have picked up over the recent weeks.

Work In Different Rooms

We have found that at least having a small proportion of the day in which we are working in different rooms helps. If you are not as fortunate to do this, why not create your own set working areas. Maybe even consider getting a divider to section rooms off.


Arrange Tea Breaks Together

Arranging tea breaks together gives us both the incentive to work hard outside of those breaks and also offers us chance to catch up or share problems etc. This is so much nicer than working on your own.


Listen To Music

Put your own headphones in and pop some music on, if you need to get “in the zone”. I find this really helpful and it makes sure that we all know when each other are trying to concentrate on a really important task.


Plan One Thing A Day To Do Alone

I need to get better at this but scheduling in one fun thing just for YOURSELF each day is so beneficial to wellness and mental health. For instance, your one block of freedom might be reading a chapter of your book, watching a YouTube Video or doing some yoga. The choice is yours.


Write Any Meetings On A Calendar

Make sure each of you know when the other has an important meeting and you can accommodate by being quiet. This will also mean that each of you know which rooms will be unavailable throughout the working day.


Have you got any tips for working at home with other people around?


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