The Good Things From This Difficult Time

Everyone is talking about Coronavirus. Whether you want an escape from it or whether you just want to feel a little bit more positive, I thought I would make this a happy blog post. I wanted to list all the good things that will come out of this current crisis. These things will be so beneficial to all of us and I really think it will improve our lives going forwards.

A List Of Happy Things

Less pollution

People are connecting more

Sense of community

Makes you appreciate how easy we had it before (choice, ample food and freedom)

More time

Less commuting

Working at home

Get to see people in our household more

Time to learn new skills like online methods of working

The future will open doors for businesses able to do more online working

We might not have to live near our place of work in the future

Time to take up a new hobby

Getting resourceful with what you already have

Appreciating the little things

Less rubbish on the streets from littering

Disney TV has come out

Kids will get to see their parents more

New businesses will be able to thrive after this

Businesses in food will thrive at the moment

The NHS are respected as they should be

The unimportant things do not matter anymore

Puts things in perspective

Video calls are more popular and will help us connect

Perfect time for baking

Scientists are able to help during these difficult times


What good things can you think of that are a result of this current crisis?


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