Things I Am Looking Forward To

This may come as a controversial opinion, but I have actually really enjoyed lockdown. Obviously, I have missed family and friends. However, I have actually loved being forced to be at home more. I am a home comforts sort of person after all. I just love being in my own surroundings and due to my anxiety, home is the place I feel safest and happiest. I think the hardest battle is yet to come with the global situation of Coronavirus. For me, adjusting back to reality is a challenge that I am apprehensive about. That said, I wanted to try and draw a list up of things to look forward to. I wanted to try and bring some excitement into the coming months. Here is my list of things to look forward to.

Seeing People In Person Again

Family and friends are so important to me. That has come even more apparent during this outbreak. I really want to be able to hug them again and smile in their physical company. For now, I wish them all safe and good health.


UK Mini Breaks

I am not a big traveller and I don’t like getting on an aeroplane. However, I do love to go on short mini breaks to cute places in the UK. I love to explore the local walks and towns. I also adore eating out at quaint cafes and living the slow life for a few days.


Easier Shopping For Food

Shopping has been quite hard for most people. We have been lucky to be able to order some online deliveries and because of my anxiety, this has been a huge weight off my mind. I am however looking forward to not having to plan so far ahead. I am also looking forward to more choice and less panic and stress in the whole food shopping process.


A Sense Of Normality

We will never really take these everyday luxuries for granted again I feel. Things like popping out in the car for a walk and shopping at your favourite department store are examples I am thinking about. I will adore the chance to go back to the local restaurants again and walking somewhere a little more adventurous.


What are you looking forward to?


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