My Store Cupboard Favourites

Everyone has their favourite food items they tend to buy. For me, having my usual items makes me feel happy and prepared for the meals during the week. There are always some things I love to have in the cupboards. Although I could technically “cope” without these things, cooking is something that brings me joy and control in my life. I hope you find it interesting to read what I love to use weekly in my cooking.

My Favourites


  • Nut Butter – For porridge, having with apple, spread on a rice cake…
  • Oats – For muesli, porridge, homemade granola. I love jumbo oats for granola as they are chunkier.
  • Herbs – Particularly Oregano, Basil and Thyme. Perfect for adding more flavour.
  • Passata – The basis of any pasta sauce; Bolognese, chilli, simple pasta dishes…
  • Pasta – I have been loving wholewheat particularly at the moment as it is so much better for you and it tastes nicer to me!
  • Chickpeas – They just go in any dish to add extra protein, great in pasta, salads and making homemade hummus from.
  • Cocoa Powder – I love a good hot chocolate and we put 1 tsp of cocoa and 1tsp of sugar to make it. Cocoa powder is also lovely in a chocolate chilli!
  • Wholewheat Biscuits – A great easy breakfast for us! They are also really healthy.
  • Spices – Particularly Cinnamon and Paprika! I LOVE cinnamon and paprika adds that smoky taste to dishes.


What are your cupboard favourites?


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