June 2020 Favourites

I haven’t written a favourites blog in a while. In fact, the last one I wrote was February. I guess I just didn’t really feel like writing them as I didn’t try many new things. However, lately life has been a little easier to try new things and what with my lockdown birthday, it meant an opportunity to write about lots of new discoveries! I hope you enjoy this blog! There’s lots of things here that I think you will like!



Banana Scoops Chocolate Dairy-Free Ice Cream

As the weather has been a bit warmer, we treated ourselves to some ice cream! This new ice cream is made from bananas instead of dairy and uses natural ingredients. There are no chemicals, artificial ingredients or refined sugars in this ice cream. We had some the other day and it was delicious! It is so much better for you and it is really refreshing. I would describe it as more of a sorbet / frozen smoothie texture rather than an ice cream. It would be really delicious with some fresh fruit!

Yoo Moo Vegan Sticks

Oh wow, these ice lollies are probably some of the best I have ever tasted. They are incredibly tasty, and the flavours are stunning. The two flavours in the box are coconut and mango, and passion fruit and coconut. Both are amazing! The coconut makes it really moreish. They also don’t contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

JimJams 83% Less Sugar Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

With breadsticks this chocolate spread is such a treat and a perfect snack. We received this chocolate spread as a substitution and we were so glad we did! Not only is it better for you, it also tastes better in my opinion! You really need to try this! The consistency is perfect for spreading on toast!




For my birthday, my boyfriend made a vegan afternoon tea. I am not a vegan, but I just love vegan food and love to eat it at every opportunity. It was such a lovely treat to have a whole afternoon tea that was vegan, and we got to try some really yummy cakes and savoury treats. I actually really enjoyed having a birthday at home. I am a home comforts person and it was calm and relaxed. We also watched Disney Aladdin and I got to chat to my family too on a video call.

Violin Star Theory

I recently bought this theory violin book for my violin teaching as it was recently published. It is such a lovely presented book and has lots of activities for children to complete. What I also really liked were the pictures of cartoons of different ethnical backgrounds and a great representation of using pictures of different race in a children’s book. There should be more books like this in education.

Dyson Corrale

I was so lucky to receive a Dyson hair straightener from my boyfriend for my birthday. My old beloved GHD’s (still love them) were getting old and I was worried this was damaging my hair from the heat. What I really like about the Dyson straighteners is the fact that you can turn the temperature down. This is great, especially for the fragile hair near the crown of the head. I am hoping these will last me for years to come!



Magic Key – Tube Squeezer

I received this at Christmas actually, but I completely forgot to mention it. It is a tube squeezer that aids you to get that last bit of hand cream out of the tube. I have been able to get much more hand cream out than I thought was impossible! A great gift for someone!

Aloe Vera Body Butter

My friend bought me this soothing Aloe Vera body butter for my birthday and it is lovely. It is really calming on the skin. I have sensitive and dry skin and this is perfect for me. I would definitely recommend!

Vaseline Hand Cream & Anti Bac

This hand cream was another birthday present. What I really like about it is the antibacterial properties in the hand cream. It doesn’t replace washing your hands, but it acts as an extra comfort during this time we are in at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites! Hopefully I will get back into writing them more regularly! Let me know what you think? What have you been enjoying recently?


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