How COVID Has Affected Me

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to write down for this blog and so I thought I would just start writing and see what happens… To me I am still struggling with anxiety and this has been a real whirlwind over the last few years especially. For those of you with anxiety, you will know the daily pain and suffering it causes. The nagging in the mind and the tireless ache from those things that may seem easier to everyone else. Living with anxiety is exhausting. I tend to hide a lot of this from people as a way to “fit in” and I am just exhausted. It has to come a time when wellness must take a forefront and I really want to strive to find more time to help my wellness journey further. The reason why I have decided to write this blog is to make people aware of the fact that there are others out there feeling the same way and you are not alone in your thoughts. I wanted to also share with you how I plan to cope with things going forward. I may not succeed, and it may be a long journey, but I want to try…


To be honest, various life events and moving to London has not been easy for me. I love living in London but as an introvert, it can be very difficult. I felt like I was finding my feet and I was growing in confidence. Then COVID happened. I know it is an extremely anxious time for most. However, for me it really set me back quite a few steps in my anxiety coping journey. Being safe in my own home is so nice at the moment but what happens when things go back to “normal”. I have already seen how people seem to be slipping back into daily life so easily but for me this is a journey to reach for.


So, what steps am I going to make to help this? Luckily I have a supportive family and friends. I am going to set goals each week to try and achieve. They will be hard to do but I really want to start enjoying life again. I also want to make more time for self-care again. I have been busier at work recently with all the change and extra admin. However, I want to make more time for cooking, meditation, reading, watching a cosy film… those sorts of wellbeing rituals. I really think you should do the same if you are struggling. Together we can try to seek moments of calm and it is those moments that get us through hard times.



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