The Goodness Project Box 1

I recently received a lovely foodie present for my birthday. A 3 month subscription to The Goodness Project box. I had never heard of the company before but was instantly excited to look inside the box. The Goodness Project is an online vegan shop and they sell a range of yummy items from top plant-based brands. The also offer many subscription box options and hampers on their website. I just love this place! A massive thank you to my friends for letting me know about them! I am going to go through the first box today on the blog. I have tried all the items and have lots of happy things to report!

Let’s find out what was in my first box….


Chocolate and Love Dark Chocolate & Orange Bar

I adore discovering new vegan chocolate brands and this chocolate orange one was heavenly. The chocolate itself was really smooth and silky, with a great flavour. I would definitely buy this again!

The Curators Smoky BBQ Almonds

Smoky almonds are delicious, and this made the perfect snack! My boyfriend liked these too… I loved the fact that they were different to usual crisps and they were more filling.

Mallow Puffs Salted Caramel Mallow Dunked In Belgian Dark Chocolate

Oh wow! These are just amazing! I really want to buy more flavours now…. The texture of the pillow like marshmallow coated in thick chocolate was just divine!

Nakd Strawberry Sundae Bar

Nakd bars are such a great snack and I love their flavours. I have not tried the strawberry sundae one before, but it was so lovely. I still prefer the other flavours like carrot cake and blueberry, but I really loved this one too!

Overall, I am so impressed with this box! I would definitely recommend them as a little pick me up! I can’t wait for the next box now…


Have you tried The Goodness Project before?



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