My Favourite YouTube Channels

I thought it would be a nice blog to go through some of my favourite YouTube channels I like to keep up to date with. These are the ones I am most loyal to. Other YouTubers I follow; I tend to dip in and out of. But these below are ones I get most excited if they upload a new video. Let’s get started!

Melissa Tattam

I discovered Melissa’s YouTube channel off the back of watching Made In Chelsea as I was intrigued as to how her vlogs were. To my surprise, her vlogs are the most down to earth and she is just a normal person like the rest of us. I love her beauty recommendations and her interior design throughout her London flat. It also resonates with me living in a small London space. I adore her foodie vlogs also and she is a great vlogger.


Josie Fear

Josie Fear AKA Fashion Mumblr is a YouTuber I have followed for years. I can’t really remember how I discovered her, probably via a recommended YouTube video, but she is such a great person. Her fashion is inspiring and her day to day life if so interesting. She is one of these people that is incredibly hard working and yet has a relaxed persona. She has recently moved to the Cotswolds and I have been really enjoying her home renovation and moving videos.


Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart is a wellness YouTuber and she is extremely successful, no surprises why. Her general attitude is so positive, and she is always inspiring me with her vegan lifestyle. She just seems to have this calming and uplifting vibe to her videos, and I find her YouTube channel so genuine and relatable.


Zoe Sugg

Of course, I had to mention Zoe Sugg! If you have not heard of Zoella then I would be surprised! She just inspires so many people and her videos are still my favourite! She is just one of those people who you would love to have as an actual friend!


Lottie Murphy

I have recently been practising Pilates using Lottie Murphy’s YouTube workouts. Her voice is so calming, and she just explains things really well. Her routines flow and she has so many different videos on there. I really want to try her 2 week Pilates challenge also!


I feel like I could talk about YouTubers for ages, but these are my top ones at the moment!


Who are your favourite YouTubers?

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