Pasta Evangelists

I would like to begin this blog to say that it is NOT sponsored. I wish it was! I really just wanted to write about Pasta Evangelists as I thought it was too good not to share. Lately we have been trying different date night options as we are still hesitant to go to restaurants at the moment. We have been enjoying things like an at home film night with popcorn and sweets, a cheese and wine evening, and finally some fancy pasta meals via Pasta Evangelists.


Pasta Evangelists is a pasta delivery company where the meal you need to cook takes very little effort. You are mostly reheating and cooking the odd thing but everything is prepared and ready. I love the top quality of their dishes and although we did feel like the meals needed a side dish, they were so tasty! I would recommend serving their dishes with a nice salad, some side vegetables or some garlic bread.

We had 3 pasta meals when we tried their service. The carbonara was my favourite! I also adored the prawn filled pasta with samphire! All meals were divine to be honest! I would definitely recommend trying this for a lovely little date night at home. I hope you enjoy the photos of each meal below!


Sicilian Prawn & Chilli Tortelloni with Sage Butter Sauce

Casarecce with our “Carbonara of Dreams” & Crispy Pancetta (Gluten Free)

Sicily’s “alla Norma” Roast Aubergine Sauce with Fresh Paccheri

Have you tried Pasta Evangelists before?

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