Things I Want To Do More Of

Recently, there has been a LOT of stress in the world and I feel like it has been tough for us all. Unfortunately, COVID has made my anxiety even worse and it has made me feel quite deflated about all the progress I had made prior to it being swept away in an instant. It’s sad to think of all the backwards steps I have had to make. With that and working extra harder in my job, I feel like my personal life needs a little more light to build into my routine. I wanted to make a list of all the things that I wanted to do more of and hopefully this will create some useful distractions for me to help in the anxious moments.

Going For Walks

It can be hard to fit in a decent walk that isn’t rushed and full of people in London, but I want to use whatever free time I have at the weekend to go on some quality walks. Maybe find some new places to explore that are quieter, even if we have to hop in the car to get there.


YouTube And TV Time

I really find relaxing with my favourite TV programme (Neighbours if you are wondering) or some YouTube really helps me unwind. It also helps me feel less lonely. London can feel a very isolating place, but I feel distracted and calmer when I can have a relaxing sit down.



Come the Autumn, I feel like this will be a welcome break away from technology. I love Lorraine Pascale’s Baking Made Easy Book and I also want to explore more vegan baking. What shall I try first?


Time With My Boyfriend

Working at home has enabled me to see my boyfriend more, although the time off in the evenings has merged into one and I feel we need to build in more mini dates like film nights or a relaxed fancy dinner at home.

What would you like to do more of?


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