The Goodness Project Box 3

I hope you have enjoyed my series of posts on The Goodness Project Box 1 and The Goodness Project Box 2. Here is the final blog post on box 3. I was given these as a birthday present from my friends and I felt it was an exciting series to have on here. This is the last box, but I have really enjoyed them and hope to shop on the same website sometime in the future. Their snacks have been amazing!  I mentioned that I received a 3 month subscription to The Goodness Project box from my friends as a birthday treat. They are basically vegan snack boxes and I love how new a lot of the products are. Some are not available to buy separately on the same website; however, I love that you are trying different snacks each time. Let’s see what was in box 3…

Benjamissimo Organic White Salted Caramel Almond Chocolate

Wow this chocolate was so delicious! It had a nice caramel taste and was definitely smooth and luxurious. It was also so different to other chocolate bars I have tried before. The nutty flavour of the almonds adds to it even more too, and it creates a nice contrasting texture to bite into. Definitively recommend for that post dinner treat!

Creative Nature Goji Goodness Raw Flapjack

This bar is one of your 5 a day and it is also low in fat. I love flapjacks for keeping me full at snack time. This one is so yummy with the goji berry flavour.

Mega Omega Munchy Seeds Roasted Tamari Seven Seed Mix

These seeds were really tasty; however, they were quite hard to eat as some of the seeds are so tiny! Definitely not one for on the go. It’s a shame because I love the idea. Maybe bigger seeds would work better or mixing this with hummus to glue it together! I also wanted slightly more tamari flavour.

Get Fruity Bar Scrumptious Strawberry

I love these bars. There is no added sugar in these and although there is obviously still sugar from the fruit, there is less of it! I love how natural the ingredients are in this and the oats fill me up in this flapjack like bar.

Wedge Cacao & Orange Bar

I couldn’t find this bar online, but it was amazing! The taste was so different, and the ingredients were great including carrot and buckwheat. The predominant flavours I picked out were orange, cacao and carrot which was a tasty combination. It was like a carrot cake but more dense and healthy tasting. Definitely worth a try!

Which was your favourite sounding snack from this box?


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