My Christmas Traditions

Christmas is going to be a little bit different this year but there are still traditions I do every year that I will be doing! I thought it would be interesting to share what traditions I have picked up over the years. I didn’t think I had any but then when I started to think about it, I actually had loads!

Eco Wrapping

I have over the last few years used wrapping paper that can be easily recycled and brown tape instead of plastic. We also send out charity Christmas cards that can be easily recycled. Other things we love are reusing gift bags from previous years and using Wrag Wrap for some family presents.


Reusing Old Christmas Cards For Gift Tags

Instead of buying gift tags, I cut out shapes from old Christmas cards. Not only do you get some great individual gift tags, but it is reusing rather than buying new! I find it fun receiving cards as I think “oooh that will make a lovely gift tag”!


Planning A Nice Festive Meal With My Boyfriend

For Christmas we usually plan a nice date night meal in the lead up to Christmas or in our week off together after. This year it will probably be at home as we aren’t going to restaurants at the moment. I love having these occasion meals and it makes dinner more special.


A Week Off After Christmas

I find Christmas lovely, but it can be hectic, and it is nice to take some time off after with my boyfriend. I work Saturdays and we don’t often have a lot of holiday time left we can spend together so this time is so lovely just to relax, catch up on life and be free of time constraints in the daytime.


Buy A Christmas Radio Times

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some cosy TV. It is exciting to find some festive programs to watch! I circle the things I would like to watch, and this is something me and my dad used to do! I can’t wait to find out what is on this year even if it is repeats of things I haven’t seen before.


Watch The Holiday

Most years I watch The Holiday. It is my favourite all-time feel-good film. I like to put it on in the background when I am cooking!

What are your Christmas traditions?

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