Festive Vegan Cheese Board

I found a Christmas cheese board that was vegan, and I was so interested to try it. I love cheese and this is one reason I am not vegan. However, I really wanted to try it to see what this was like. Violife is a great brand for vegan cheese and I was so impressed that they had things like this to try! Who knows, this might be a lovely addition to your festive meal at Christmas, especially if you have any people into vegan food round this year! Vegan food has come so far over the last few years especially. So, what was the verdict…

Blu Block

This was a bit too powerful for me! For blue cheese I only really like creamy ones and this was a bit too similar to Roquefort cheese. Lovely if you like Roquefort though!


Cranberry After Dinner

Now this cheese I liked! I loved the texture and the fact that the cranberry wasn’t overpowering as some cranberry cheeses can be. I would definitely eat this again and it was delightful on a cracker!


Mature Block

This was my favourite! I would happily have this in a sandwich. It wasn’t quite as good as dairy cheese but if it would save the environment by having this some of the time I wouldn’t complain. It had such a nice aftertaste, and the flavour was lovely and strong.


Would you try vegan cheese?


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