Working From Home Productivity Tips

There are a few little things I have picked up over the weeks of working from home that I thought I would share with you. Some of these might not work for you but they do for me. I hope you enjoy the blog post!

Find Your Own Workspace

Whilst sharing a small space is tricky, it is worth making a routine with other members from your household. And this requires some effort, but it is worth it. Find a place where you can start work where you can’t be disturbed. Whether that is just simply shutting a door or setting up a makeshift desk somewhere in your home with noise cancelling headphones on. It is worth setting boundaries with your workspace and saying when you need more focused time without being disturbed.


Schedule Tasks

I love setting a day in which a task has to be completed on the app I use todoist. I just love this because it means that I only have to concentrate on the urgent things if I am short of time. You can also reschedule things that you don’t have time for, so that you can “clear” the task list for the day mentally. It means I don’t get overwhelmed with my full to do list. I can just do the tasks for that very day.


Take Snack Breaks

Sometimes stepping away from the desk can be worthwhile for a little energy boost. I love snacks like apple and peanut butter, nuts or a banana. These whole food snacks make me feel more energised and help increase my fruit and vegetable intake.


Do A Silly Jog

This might seem basic but doing a silly dance or jog to your favourite music really helps boost the mood. It also means we aren’t sitting at our desks constantly.


Do Hard Tasks When You Have More Energy

For me. I tend to have more energy and focus in the morning, so I always try to do hard tasks that require more concentration then. That way, I can leave the easy tasks when I can cope with them and I feel more at ease with my to do list.


Have An Evening Off

If I don’t have time to wind down in the evening, I can’t sleep well and that means I am less productive in my working day. Getting sleep is essential to everything in life; including both mental and physical health.


What tips would you give that help you in your home office?


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