Evening Skincare Routine

Recently I posted a Morning Skincare Routine. I said I would be posting an evening routine and here it is! For the evening time, I like you use richer products as the end of the day seems the perfect time for additional pampering. These products work for my sensitive and dry skin as they are gentle and soothing. I hope you enjoy the blog post!

Pixi Rose Tonic

This gentle rose toner is perfect at giving that extra hydration and balance to the skin. I find toners hard to judge for sensitive skin, but this toner is always so lovely and nourishing. I splash a little onto my hands at dab it onto my face, after I have cleansed my face and removed all makeup.

Pure Overnight Face Oil

Face oil is such a lovely thing to apply and when my skin needs that extra nourishment, I use this instead of or as well as my moisturiser. It just adds that extra step in the winter that I think we all need. Even in summer the skin can get quite dry from the dry air and washing our faces more to feel more refreshed.

Pure Eye Cream

This eye cream is so gentle, and I apply this as my next step around the eye area. I use my ring fingers to carefully pat it into the skin as the eye area can be quite delicate.

Neal’s Yard Frankincense Nourishing Cream

This cream is so rich, and I apply this as my final step to moisturise the skin. Sometimes I don’t bother with this step if I have used face oil and my skin doesn’t need anything else. Sometimes less products on the skin are better! I have learnt this over the years!

Were there any products in there you liked? What does your evening skincare routine involve?


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