Digital Spring Clean List

Spring is here and that usually means more motivation to tackle that decluttering and general life sorting. As spring cleans are therapeutic but we can’t donate to charity shops easily at the moment, I felt like a digital spring clean was in order instead. I always forget to do these, and it can be something we don’t think about, being digital and not as tangible. So, I thought I would give you inspiration too and hopefully we can all tackle our technology together. After all, this year technology has been much loved, and I am sure there are additional files and admin to sort through!


Emails are things that get left by a LOT of people. I tend to delete a lot of emails as I go but even I get caught up in a “shall I keep this in a folder” way of thinking. I want to tackle my inbox, and also the folders in the inbox that I have stored old emails that might be useful.



Whether it is phone contacts or email contacts on your account, some people’s details may have changed and some people you might not remember that you met once years ago. Time for a declutter!


Laptop Files

There are so many files we don’t need anymore. That includes anything from written documents to PDFs. Music is also one to reduce and don’t get me started on photos and videos. No one wants a photo kept as an option to a series of photos taken of the same thing.


Notes On Phone Or Laptop

I have a notes tool on my phone and laptop, and I don’t even know what is in them! Time for a sort out I think!


To Do Lists

Delete those digital to do list tasks that you are not going to get done! There is no point storing something for over a year that you haven’t got around to doing. It just won’t get done. Give yourself less to do and you will actually achieve more!


Cloud Storage

Not only do we store things on our own technology, but we also store things on clouds online. I seriously need to declutter mine as I am always trying to free up space. I’m sure I don’t need most of the things that are on there!


Unnecessary Programme Files

Are there programme files on your computer that you no longer use? Delete them! You can always reinstall them at a later date if you really miss them!


Blog Posts And Photos

On my website I also store photos and blog posts. It’s time I went through that as well. Our styles change and sometimes a little refresh is what we need. There is no point storing photos in multiple places either as it will just slow things down.


Social Media

I recently did this and got rid of a load of apps I wasn’t using anymore. I also got the accounts deleted, definitely recommend and it is so much easier these days with GDPR.


Web browser

Do you save webpages to your bookmarks bar? Well, maybe you can declutter that too? I don’t know what is in mine, so I really need to sort this out too!

I hope you enjoyed this digital focused declutter post! Can you think of anything else worth decluttering?


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