Stress And Reducing It

Stress is something that can take over and it is something that is high in lots of people at the moment. No wonder, with everything going on in the world! This blog is an aid to help you build ideas to nurture yourself during this time. I’ve found lots of these techniques help and I hope you do too!

Time To Yourself

I find that I need time to myself to unwind and just switch off. If everything is too busy, I can’t concentrate, and I also burn out. Build in little pockets into the day of “me time”. Examples of this could be having a bath, creating a relaxing playlist to listen to, reading a book, applying a skincare routine; the list is endless!



Sometimes getting outside can actually make me stressed because London is busy but I do love a walk with my boyfriend. We also play music and do a jog on the spot or silly dancing and that is really fun!


Pamper Yourself With A Few Luxuries

Delicious foodie treats and relaxing beauty products can be the perfect pick me up sometimes. They don’t need to be too expensive either but something like a hot cross bun mid-week can really make a difference.



Meditation and breathing exercises are really great at calming and zoning back to your purpose of the day. I find it really calms me when I am stressed.


Set Routines

Sometimes when we don’t have a routine, we can feel all over the place. So, it is important to eat at regular times, start work at the same time and create task lists you want to achieve that day.


Make Time For Others

Whether that is listening to them chat about their day or focusing on their needs, it can take the attention and focus off of your worries. It can help with feeling happier and more fulfilled.


Eat Healthily

Limiting alcohol, caffeine and sugar can make a difference to your energy and mood. There are so many tasty nutritious food options out there. I love eating a range of different healthy foods, mixed with treats like chocolate. It’s all about balance and eating a range of different foods, rather than lots of one type. Plan some interesting meals and make your snacks healthy such as eating fruit and nuts.


Do you have any tips for reducing stress?


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