The Vegan Kind Easter Box 2021

I love it when Easter chocolate comes out and The Vegan Kind Supermarket Easter Box is one I look out for! I bought this recently to enjoy over Easter and I couldn’t not share it on my blog in case you wanted to buy one too! The contents are amazing… lots of goodies in there for sure. This would make the perfect gift for someone special too. Let’s find out what is in the box…

Miiro Crisp-Coated Signature Chocolates With A Peanut Heart

These look and sound delicious. They are chocolate coated peanuts and what is not to like with this!

Rhythm 108 Vegan Truffle Eggs

I’ve tried these before and they are incredible. The smooth and silky texture is wonderful, and the taste is so creamy. Heavenly and a great choice for this box.

The Conscious Candy Co – Vegan Fried Eggs

These look so fun! I don’t understand why all sweets are not vegan when brands like this make them so good! I can’t wait to try these. Perfect for a film night with popcorn!

Chocolate Egg

I bought my box early when they had a Mummy Meagz Cream Egg in the box. However, since then they have changed the egg to a white chocolate Considerit Chocolate Egg. I have tried the Considerit one, and it is very yummy so I am confident you will like the alternative just as much!

Love Raw Cre&m Filled Wafer Bar

These are amazing and I have had them before. They really are like a Kinder Bueno but darker chocolate which is so yummy! I would swap to these anytime!

Clarana Candy Coated Chocolate Buttons

These sound so good and the perfect way to end the box. The bag is really heavy so they should last a while… or not!

What do you think of the box? Do you have some favourite items in here?


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