May 2021 Favourites

It has been a while since I wrote a favourites blog post and yet I love to read them. This time, I have included food, lifestyle, and beauty favourites. These things have added a little smile on my face, and I think you will like them too! Let’s find out what they are…

Deliciously Ella Peanut Oat Bar

These are just the dream. Flapjacks are the perfect snack for teaching days as they keep me going and give me that little boost I need during the day. I find I must snack otherwise my energy levels drop, and my anxiety also gets worse. Per bar the sugars are lower than other snacks, but the peanut keeps me full. You can also get them in lots of supermarkets now.

Love Raw White Chocolate Wafer Bar

These are literally a vegan Kinder Bueno. I tried their original one and loved it and was so excited to try the white chocolate version too. I prefer the original one as this is sweeter, but both are so yummy! One to try if you like this type of treat!

Cadbury Animals Mini Biscuits

I ordered these on our weekly food shop as we wanted a bit of nostalgia. I used to love these growing up and they are so cute and tasty for a little treat. Have you tried these before?

Smart Skin Golden Jelly Cleanser

I have recently been loving the Smart Skin skincare range and this cleanser is so good! You really don’t need much, and it melts away the makeup. It is so luxurious to apply, and it makes me not hate removing my makeup so much! The range contains natural ingredients and everything from the sustainable packaging has been so well thought out.

Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream

My hands have been extra dry recently, but I’ve applied this at night, and it is so soothing. It really works a dream, and the ingredients are lovely too. It contains amazing things like almond oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter. I would recommend if you suffer from dry hands too.

Notes On A Nervous Planet Book By Matt Haig

I’ve been enjoying reading this book at night now. Whilst some anxiety related books make me think too much in the evening, this one is calming and is full of lots of humour too. It has lots of snippets of great advice and the chapters are manageable to read a little at a time, depending on your mood. I would recommend this book for anyone suffering from anxiety.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites! Have you tried any of these?


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