What I Eat In A Day 3

My What I Eat In A Day blogs have been popular on here. They are blogs that I have really enjoyed making, so I thought it was time for another in the series! Check out What I Eat In A Day 1 and 2 if you want to read my other ones. I was working from home the day I decided to do this blog post and so it features home cooking which I love to do when I have the time. I hope you get some ideas for any meals or snacks from this! Let me know what you think of my food choices in the comments…

Elegant Chic… Outfit Post

Some days you need to dress up a little bit more and I tend to go for the elegant chic vibe. When I was a wedding guest recently, I wanted to wear something I would feel special in but not too over the top. I don’t think you can go wrong with a skater dress. They suit most figures as the silhouette pulls in at the waist and floats outwards in a girly fashion. I love skater dresses and this one from coast is beautiful in royal blue. It is a few years old but I have found some gorgeous alternatives below that look so stunningly similar.

Favourite Shoreditch Spots

I used to live in Central London and so I have visited Shoreditch quite often. Now that I have moved to a different part of London, I thought that I would create this blog as a little reminder of what is on offer for memories sake but also to help anyone visiting the area and wondering where to explore. There are so many cool and amazing places to visit in Shoreditch and I hope this blog demonstrates that.

Shaka Zulu

African cuisine at its finest…. That’s what this Camden London restaurant presents. With the interior as cultured as the food and decked out for luxury dining, Shaka Zulu is in no surprise a popular dining option. Items on the menu such as Kingklip and Ostrich fillet make the menu unique and spectacular. Me and my boyfriend were treated to this meal as a family Christmas gift and thought it was about time we used it and had an evening of sheer luxury….

How To Pack

As I am writing this blog, I am sitting in a room of boxes ready for moving things across to the new residence. The whole prospect of moving to a different part of London is so exciting but it does come with a lot of stressful times… and part of that includes the mammoth task of packing. For a one bedroom flat, we didn’t think we had a lot of belongings but even we are struggling to find enough hours in the day to get everything done. That said, working as a team has been so lovely… as well as playing music in the background to dance along to whilst putting things into boxes.