Blogmas Thoughts At Christmas

It can be so easy to get caught up in the busy nature of Christmas that sometimes it can be so lovely just to take a moment and think about how fortunate we are that we get to enjoy this festive time of year. Whether you are planning a lavish Christmas or a quiet one, it is important to remember those that do not even have chance to celebrate. We are so lucky that we can spend time with friends or family (or both). Whether it is only something small, I have made a list of suggestions that we can do to help others less fortunate this Christmas. Why not give at least one of them a go over the festive season?

  • Donate to a homeless shelter
  • Make a Christmas Shoebox for someone in a less fortunate position
  • Donate clothes to charity
  • Donate food to a food bank
  • Volunteer
  • Buy a charity aided gift for someone this Christmas
  • Buy charity Christmas cards
  • Give an Oxfam Christmas gift
  • Help the homeless have a Christmas dinner by donating to Crisis
  • Treat a homeless dog
  • Visit someone that does not have any company

If you have any more ideas, please add to this post! Let’s also give someone else a lovely Christmas this year. Even if it is only a little help, it will put a smile on someone’s face.

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