May 2018 Favourites

May has flown past! We have had some amazing weather and a few bank holidays in the UK so life has been positive and full of lots of exciting things. I’ve really enjoyed discovering yet more favourites this month and they are really great ones! I hope you enjoy reading about them!



Me Too! Original Falafel

This bag of falafel is from my favourite brand of hummus “Me Too!”. It comes as a frozen bag and lasted me and my boyfriend about 4 lunches which I think is such a bargain for a high-quality product! The reason this brand’s falafel tastes SO good is because the chickpeas are soaked during the cooking process and this makes a massive difference to the taste. Although, these are a little dry if you add hummus to a wrap or a little olive oil they taste incredible. I just love how much flavour they have and it is such an easy stand-by lunch to have in the freezer. They defrost super quickly so after making wraps in the morning and putting them in the fridge, by lunchtime the falafel is perfect!

Meridian Smooth Almond Butter

I love Meridian as a brand and I have been really enjoying their almond butter with apple as a snack lately. I also like to spread it on rice cakes for a low sugar boost and I am loving this snack combination. Let me know if you want me to do a blog on low sugar snacks as I’ve been trying to find more lately! All that is in this spread is almonds which is incredibly healthy!

Milled Chia Seeds

I picked up some milled chia seeds in Lidl and I’ve found an alternative link to some similar for you. I normally use chia seeds in desserts and smoothies for additional omega 3 and a delicious texture to healthier puddings. By using milled chia seeds, you can create your dessert even quicker as it is easier to mix. This is great for people who sprinkle chia seeds on breakfast or don’t like the texture of soaked chia seeds. I love both so this is a great product to have in the cupboard. Chia seeds keep you full due to their high absorption rate, and they are also rich in protein!

Marigold Savoury Vegan Engevita Yeast Flakes

If you are trying to eat less cheese or on a vegan diet, then nutritional yeast like this helps to provide that “cheesey” taste to a meal. It is great with pasta or pizza and is incredibly yummy! I love using it for a few of Niomi Smart’s recipes in her book “Eat Smart”. You need to try this! This one is a rich source of B vitamins and minerals but you can also purchase one high in vitamin B12, which many vegans lack.



E45 Daily Hand Cream

The dry weather in London has been playing havoc with my hands. In comes my saviour E45 hand cream. I do suffer from slight eczema on my hands and when they are dry I just need to lather on the hand cream. This fast absorbing E45 one is so good! E45 is well-known for being amazing for skin and I thoroughly recommend if you suffer from dry hands like me!

Cornerstone Razor

I’ve been so sick of female razors. Not only are most not as good as male razors, they are also more likely to be more expensive. So… I thought I would try the brand my boyfriend buys! I only need to use one razor blade per month so not only does it reduce waste, it also saves me money. I ordered a razor and 4 blades, and then cancelled my subscription until I need more. I even got my razor personalised and it comes with its own razor blade protector. I highly recommend!

Rituals 24H Hydrating Gel Cream

I had this little sample of hydrating gel cream from Rituals and I instantly fell in love with the formula and the consistency. I have sensitive skin that just loves hydration. I think the full size is a good price at just over £25, as some moisturisers can be well into the £30-£40 mark. I’m tempted to repurchase this when I need a face cream. I also love the sound of their hydrating serum.

Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask

Lately (because I was using an oil), my face has been breaking out slightly. In came my trusty face mask that I really do come back to again and again. It is great for breakouts and this has really helped my skin lately. I’ve also stopped using the oil I was applying and that seems to have helped also. I might save an oil for every now and again as I love the glowing skin you get after using one!



Happy By Fearne Cotton

I’ve been really into reading lately and this book has been so lovely to start. I’m only a third through the book but it is full of great tips on happiness and draws on Fearne’s own experience with mental health. I think mental health is an important thing for us all to work on and if you suffer from anxiety or depression, this book is so helpful!

What are your favourites this month?

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