SourcedBox Review May 2018

SourcedBox is a monthly healthy snack box subscription. When the May box arrived, I couldn’t wait to open it and was not disappointed! This month’s brands have been worth the discovery and although I only picked my top three products, I certainly loved many of the items!! This box is great for those wanting a healthier snack alternative, or for those wishing to incorporate more plant-based food into their diet!




Kaakao | Strawberry & Vanilla Bar | Possibly some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tried. Creamy, plant-based and delicious!

P G tips | Perfect With Dairy-Free Tea and The Tasty Decaf Tea | The blend of these is nice, I just prefer a stronger tea like Assam! I really love the decaf though so that is a great option for those looking to reduce caffeine.

The Protein Ball Co. | Peanut Butter & Jam | These are yummy and packed full of natural ingredients like dates, peanuts, and fruit. The protein comes from pea protein which is great for boosting your daily intake if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Get Fruity Bar | Moist Mixed Berry | Fruity sweetness and filling oats make this bar a lovely snack.

Real Handful | Sea Salt Caramellow Fruit, Nut & Seed Protein Bar | Yummy! This felt like a real treat and it is made from natural ingredients so you in fact get more nutrition from the bar than a refined sugar version.

Superfoodio | Cacao Orange & Turmeric Sweet Clusters | Delicious crunchy bites, low in sugar and a really great taste!

The Great British Porridge Co. | Goji Berry & Pumpkin Seeds | Instant porridge couldn’t be yummier.

Indie Bay | Sunflower Pretzel Bites | A great low sugar snack full of crunch and flavour!

Tapped | Birch Water With Strawberry & Raspberry | My favourite birch water flavour from Tapped! So fruity and delicious!

The Great Stuff Company | Sweet Raspberry Vanilla Popcorn | This popcorn is so light and melt in the mouth. Approve!




Kaakao | Strawberry & Vanilla Bar

The rich cocoa and cocoa butter works so well with the dates and coconut milk additions in this recipe. The texture is melt in the mouth and it is such a yummy dark but perfectly sweet chocolate bar.


The Great British Porridge Co. | Goji Berry & Pumpkin Seeds

This is so tasty and incredibly good for you at the same time! I didn’t think you could get such a great instant porridge and for those mornings where making porridge is out of the question! The porridge is packed full of natural goodness such as chia seeds and dates…yum! I really want to try their banana and blueberry flavour now!


Real Handful | Sea Salt Caramellow Fruit, Nut & Seed Protein Bar

This nutty bar is insanely delicious with the sweet coconut blossom sugar, agave syrup and brown rice syrup. The pumpkin seed protein powder, cacao nibs and flaxseed add a real depth to the bar. It really does taste divine, whilst being healthier than a refined sugar alternative!


This is not sponsored by the way and all my opinions are completely truthful.

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Have you tried SourcedBox?


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