October 2019 Goals…

It is another time for a goals post. I was debating whether to write one this month because I have not been feeling myself lately. September was quite a hard month for me, and it resulted in me feeling overwhelmed with life. I guess everything got a bit much. I had lots going on with my sister’s up and coming wedding and the start of term. I just burnt out and it made me feel exhausted. I’m hoping October can be filled with calmer moments, especially towards the end of the month when things have settled down…



Go On The Tube More

I went on the tube once for a meal out which was better than nothing but I learnt that my anxiety was bad this month and so I didn’t push it. Sometimes, it is good to be kind to ourselves and not force things we don’t want to do, just for the sake of it. I do want to go on the tube more going forward, but I am pleased I managed to at least try this month.


Say No To What I Can’t Fit In

I’ve had to say no to a few things this month due to a hectic start of term (there is always so much admin at the start of term for violin teaching…) and planning for my sister’s wedding. It has been a very stressful month, but I learnt to say no to a few things in order to make myself feel more “me”.


Try And Get Thrifty

I feel like I have been good with budgeting for things I don’t need, and I have had to be quite thrifty in order to have enough money for my sister’s wedding…. It has cost a lot for extra things like getting my hair and nails done but I wanted to be all prepared for the day. Her wedding is abroad which has also cost us quite a bit of money….



Be Kinder To Myself And Accept Help

One thing I learnt from my CBT course last year is the ability to change your mindset and how powerful that is. Rather than struggling to do everything myself I want to try and learn to accept help from others so that I am less stressed. I have been extremely anxious lately, contributing towards anxiety attacks and this is not something I want to repeat in October. I guess things like the start of term, having to rearrange 30+ violin lessons and planning for travelling abroad for my sister’s wedding has made me quite run down and stressed. Hopefully I can rest once the hectic weeks are out the way.


Have More Time To Be At Home

I want to get back to having a clear-out and making more home touches in the home. I think this will help me feel cosier and happier at home and I want to enjoy where we live at the present moment. I love where we live, and it may be a small space, but it is a lovely home. It is where I am happiest, and I feel safe there.


Light Some Candles And Do More Baking

I want to enjoy cosy Autumn and use my neglected candles. I think bubble baths, hot cocoa and baking delicious food will make me feel happy too.

What are your October Goals?

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