September 2019 Favourites

September was a hectic month for me! The start of a new year violin teaching, preparing for my sister’s wedding and planning for my boyfriend’s birthday coming up. I had a lot on, but these favourites made me feel happy. The months get cosier from September onwards and although this year was still fairly warm, the Autumn comforts start to sneak in… Let’s see what I enjoyed during September…



The Happy Pear Recipes For Happiness Cookbook

I love cooking vegan food and although I am not vegan, I eat a lot of plant-based options. I have really enjoyed cooking more out of this cookbook recently. The Happy Pear are twins from Ireland and their recipes are so easy, quick and accessible. The ingredients are easy to get hold of and the dishes do not take too long. The meals also taste incredible! My favourites ones I have made so far are the Chickpea Tikka Masala and the Indonesian Satay.


I’ve been serving rice with a lot of my meals lately and I’m really loving it as a carb to bulk out a meal, instead of pasta or potatoes. It is so lovely when cooked well, with salt to season. It just goes with so many dishes from chilli to stir-fry to curries…



Instead of buying so many berries covered in plastic, we have been trying to buy satsumas in a cardboard box. They are great with breakfast and really tasty this time of year!

Lidl Frozen Bean Chilli

Lidl so some great frozen ready meals and their frozen Bean Chilli contains really healthy ingredients. It is also delicious and filling. Perfect for an easy “no time to cook” meal.


Ritter Sports Cornflakes Chocolate

Oh wow, this just reminds me of cornflake chocolate nests… mmm. It is so addictive!


Hot Chocolates

Hot chocolates just come into their own element this time of year. Personally, I drink them all year round and they are my evening “tipple” on nights where my boyfriend has a beer. I don’t really drink much alcohol (apart from a glass of red at the weekend) but hot chocolates just make me feel all cosy!



Aveeno Daily Moisturising After-Shower Mist

This quick to apply moisturiser is really soothing on the skin. Personally, I spray it in my hand and then apply it because it does get on the floor. But I still love it and feel pampered after using it.

ECooking Sage, Marigold & Jojoba Oil Hand Cream

This is a great hand cream if you want a thicker more moisturising one. I do a lot of cooking and so my hands get quite dry. This is so soothing. It is a little greasy but not too bad and it sinks into the skin quickly. You really don’t need much either, so it lasts ages!

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

I’ve got my sister’s wedding coming up and so I wanted to get a waterproof mascara as I always seem to get panda eyes (contact lens wearer). This is the best I’ve found, and I’ve been a fan of the Clinique High Impact mascara for years, so it was great to find a waterproof version.

Neal’s Year Remedies Organic Defence Hand Spray

This natural hand sanitiser not only is kinder to your hands, but it smells like a spa! Sometimes I use it to just relax me from the scent ha-ha!

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

I have been using this for years, but I thought it was worth a mention as I love to use this under my eyes to brighten them up. It is so moisturising and doesn’t cake like other concealers. I just love it.

Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment Hair Mask

This hair mask is so lovely. It smells like a dream and contains luscious ingredients such as avocado oil to make your hair feel heavenly. I apply it before my shower whilst I am getting my outfit ready to allow it time to do its magic. Then I wash it off in the shower before applying my regular shampoo and conditioner. I use it every time I wash my hair as my hair does get extremely dry and frizzy (plus London water is horrendously dry).

What are your September Favourites?


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