The Goodness Project Box 2

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post on The Goodness Project Box 1. In that post, I mentioned that I received a 3 month subscription to The Goodness Project box from my friends as a birthday treat. The first box went down so well, that I thought it would be lovely to write about the second box. What I love about the vegan snacks is that they are ones I mostly haven’t tried before, which is great as I have tried many vegan snacks now! Let’s find out what the second box had to offer…

Montezuma’s Cherry Pie Dark Chocolate

This truffle like chocolate tasted really yummy with a definite cherry flavour to it. The actual chocolate was really creamy too and it was perfect at room temperature in the recent heatwave as it was soft, but it didn’t melt completely.

Trek Protein Flapjack Morning Berry

I loved this as it was just what I needed as an energy boost. Sometimes I don’t think I eat enough protein so having protein in a bar is a good idea! The flavour and texture was amazing too and really nice and chewy.

Pulsin Strawberry Fruity Oat Bar

I love Pulsin bars and this one was no exception. They just get the texture spot on and the strawberry flavour was subtle but really fruity.

Rookies Apple And Cinnamon Cookie

Oh wow, probably my favourite item in the box. This was a soft cookie and it was absolutely delicious. I am a big cinnamon fan, so this was right up my street. I really want them to stock their cookies in more shops!

Perkier Crunchy Peanut Quinoa Bar

Perkier is a great brand and the quinoa provides some extra protein throughout the day. The peanut flavour was really yummy too.

I loved box 2 and I now can’t wait for my final box 3!


Have you tried The Goodness Project before?


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