January 2021 Favourites [AD-GIFTED]

Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted item from Lola’s Apothecary. I received this item in exchange for writing a previous blog post.


January has been a weird one this year but what has kept me smiling are lots of favourites to mention to you here today! It is always lovely to feature some items on here that I have loved because I know if you are similar to me too then you will benefit from them also. I’ve got a great combination of pampering items and foodie bits here today to go through. Let’s face it, we all need a little TLC at the moment. So, let’s get started!

Lush Sleepy Shower Gel

Lush Sleepy range is my favourite as the soothing lavender is just heavenly. I use this in the morning, but it is meant to be for the evening for a pamper unwind before bed. I guess it can be used for both and I just find it relaxes me before the start of a busy day. A little goes a long way and it lathers very well.

Lola’s Apothecary Lavender Body & Massage Oil*

This lavender oil just calms and soothes me if I need it during the day. I put it on my wrists, and it helps. *The item was kindly gifted in this photo. It was gifted in exchange for writing a blog post. If you want to read more about the brand, then check out the blog post. They are so great, and their products really do elevate luxury to a new level.

Neal’s Yard Defend & Protect Hand Lotion

This hand cream is so lovely and nurturing to the skin. During winter and times of extra cooking and baking, hands can become battered and this is the perfect remedy. I love the scent too and it just is such a treat during these lockdown days. My boyfriend gave me this for Christmas and I have been loving it!

Slip Hair Bands

I’ve been loving these Slip hair bands, and they are so much kinder to my hair. I love how gentle they are and they don’t seem to pull on it like other hair bands. Silk is so much better for you all round, even if it is expensive! The dream one day would be to own silk pillowcases, but one can always dream…

Love Raw Cre&m Filled Wafer Bars

If you are looking for a Kinder Bueno vegan alternative, then this is the ticket! Personally, I find these even more delicious as the chocolate is darker and it just tastes even more treat like. Definitely addictive! And the perfect teaching snack pick me up on stressful days! Me and my boyfriend share one of these some days and it is so delicious!

Deliciously Ella Chocolate Dipped Almonds

Another great discovery! These chocolate covered almonds are just the best. The chocolate is lovely and thick and really creamy. They also come in chocolate orange flavour which is just amazing!

What was your favourite in this blog?


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